Tips for Helping Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Having a baby is a wonderful and happy experience, and you will be surprised how well you can function on so little sleep sometimes.  But if you’d like to get some more sleep for you and your baby, here are some quick tips to help your baby sleep through the night longer.

Often during the night your baby will startle themselves awake with jerking movements, so by swaddling your baby and wrapping them in a swaddling blanket, they’ll sleep better and won’t wake up from movements.

Dream feeding your baby right before you go to sleep helps the baby so they don’t wake up right after you fall asleep.  If your baby often wakes up late at night hungry, try waking them up to feed them right before you go to sleep and it’ll fill up their belly just enough to have some more uninterrupted sleep for both of you.

Limit naps during the day, don’t let them sleep longer than 2 hour naps. This way they will still be tired in the evening for bedtime.
You can also use white noise to help them sleep at night, maybe a fan in the bedroom faced away or a white noise machine so that they have some background noise to help lull them to sleep.

Use a pre-nap and bedtime routine like turning on the white noise, singing a song, and cuddles.  The bedtime routine may include a bath, reading a story, feeding, swaddling the baby, and then cuddles.  This helps your baby stay to the same routine and cues the baby for sleep and learn that sleep follows this routine.

Motherhood is an exciting and daring adventure, and while a full night’s sleep will become just a dream, you can still get some more sleep with these tips for both you and your baby.

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