Things You’ll Learn as a New Mom

Being a new mom requires so much patience and energy while on little to no sleep. You’ll find yourself doing crazy things because you’re so sleep deprived, and then laughing about it later to your friends and family. But seeing your little one sleeping soundly at night and finding that unconditional love for your child makes all the craziness worth it. Here are some things you’ll learn on the new-mom road:

You will learn to survive with little to no sleep. You’ll miss the days when you could sleep 8 hours a night uninterrupted; those days are long gone. While your baby does sleep, you’ll be getting up frequently all night long, but you’ll manage to make it through another day to another sleepless night.

Similarly, you’ll learn to sleep or rest on-the-go whenever your baby falls asleep. When they are napping, even resting and closing your eyes for half an hour or more makes a big difference. Take advantage of those little naps your baby takes throughout the day and get yourself some rest too.

You’ll learn to love cold coffee. Sometimes, there isn’t enough time to drink your coffee when it’s still warm—your baby needs to be fed, changed or held, or there is some mess that needs to be taken care of or your other children need your attention. Fear not, cold coffee still has the same caffeine as your hot coffee, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Just as well, you’ll learn to accept messes and a hectic, unorganized house. You will clean up one mess and then 5 seconds later there will be another mess that needs to be cleaned up. Just breathe, and accept that your house will probably not be as clean as it used to be pre-children.

Lastly, you’ll be able to shower, do your hair and get ready in record time. No more leisurely long showers or time in the bathroom, but you’ll have your morning routine down to a quickly-timed science so you can get back to your baby who probably needs to be fed or changed again.

So, being a new mom is filled with ups and down, sleepless nights and forgetting where you placed something because your brain is just so tired. But seeing your baby happy and smiling is definitely worth it.

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