Back to School

Summer flew by in the blink of an eye, and now it’s time to get ready to go back to school.  You have to start stocking up on school supplies, such as backpacks, lunch boxes, stationary, and new clothes for the new year for your kids.

So, here are some awesome back to school supplies that your kids are sure to love!

Your kids will likely need a new backpack this year, because last years’ is probably not cool to have anymore.  So, get them the Spider-Man or Star Wars Backpack and you can even personalize it with their name engraved!  For lunch, you can get them a matching Spider-Man or Star Wars BB-8 lunch box!  And if your kids love princesses, they can choose from a variety of backpacks with Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Minnie Mouse, Frozen, Ariel and more, and with a matching lunch box!

Get your kids cool stationary with their favorite Disney characters or movies on the notebooks, pens, pencil, scissors, pencil cases and more!

Your kids will love some awesome new outfits with matching shoes too! Check out these fun graphic shirts with characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, Mickey Mouse, the Lion King and more!  Or choose these adorable jackets and dresses with princesses on them, or these Star Wars and Cars Varsity jackets with  matching shirts!

So, once again summer comes to a close and you all get ready to go back to school.  But now, do it in style with your kids’ favorite movies and characters on all of their school supplies, and they’ll have a fantastic year at school!

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