Essentials to Keep in the Car

Having kids means there will always be messes wherever you go… it’s unavoidable! And some days, when you’re in a rush, it is easy to forget some of the essentials that you might need later in the day. So, just in case there is a melt down later in the day and you might have forgotten to pack something with you, here are some essentials that you should keep in the car for those moments:

  • You’re definitely going to want extra diapers. You never know when your kid—or kids—will need a quick change, and babies go through diapers very quickly.
  • Similarly, keep a whole box of extra wipes. It’ll make any clean up—be it diaper, food, drink, or just dirty hands—that much easier than having to try to find a bathroom. And bring some hand sanitizer as well, you never know when you’ll be thankful you have it because you won’t always have the option to wash your hands.
  • After the extra diaper changing and wipes, you’ll want to have a zip lock bag to put the diaper and wipes in, just in case you aren’t near a trash can. And just a little tip: put a scented dryer sheet in the zip lock bag to mask the smell of that dirty diaper until you can get to a trash can.

  • Additionally, bring an extra pacifier for your baby. They might lose it, drop it, throw it, or whatever else could possibly happen to a pacifier. You will be relieved to have an extra pacifier with you, so your baby isn’t crying or upset the entire trip because they lost the first one.
  • You’ll also want extra clothes for your kids in case they get spit up on, or just make a general mess of their clothes. You can also bring an extra jacket or pants for the evening in case they get cold. And don’t forget about yourself—you might also want an extra shirt or shorts in case you get spit up or pooped on by your kids, who, let’s face it, can’t help it sometimes.
  • Lastly, some extra snacks and drinks for you and your kids are also essential, so you don’t have to stop at a restaurant every time they, or you, are a little bit hungry or thirsty.

Keep these essential items packed in a bag with you at all times. Just keep it stored in the trunk of your car so if you forget your actual bag for that day, you will always have these items with you for a happy family.


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