Make Healthy Lunches for Your Kids

It’s almost time to get your kids back to school again, which means early mornings, arguing about putting on clothes to leave the house, and eating breakfast.  It can be bittersweet waving goodbye to your kids as they head to school again and get one year older.  And while you can’t be there with them during class, you can still make their day great at school.

Pack them lunches that are filled with fun, healthy foods.  You can make cute shapes out of healthy foods so your kids will enjoy it even more!  Try cutting sandwiches into Mickey Mouse ear shapes, or cut it into a heart shape, star or even a cloud!  Take cookie cutter shapes—or even cut-out molds that you could use for play dough—and make fun shapes out of melon or watermelon.  Make little stars or hearts out of the fruit for a really fun lunch!


Furthermore, you can always do the ants-on-a-log snack.  Take celery sticks and slather peanut butter on top, and then cover them with raisins!  It’s a healthy vegetable snack with protein to give your kids that extra energy!  Or make star-shaped cheese slices for some delicious cheese and crackers.

Similarly, you can make a rainbow Ziploc bag of fruit!  Cut up into small pieces and put into a Ziploc bag some strawberries, oranges, pineapple, honeydew and then purple grapes.  This makes a fun rainbow color of food to eat!

Lastly, don’t forget to leave a little note in their lunches.  You can cut out fun shapes in paper, or write on a napkin a sweet little note reminding them to have a great day and that you love them.  This will put a smile on your child’s face, and it lets them know that you’re always thinking about them, even when they’re away from you at class.

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