Making New Clothes for Kids

Kids all want new clothes for the new school year, but that can get expensive.  Luckily, you can reuse old clothes that they don’t like, or repurpose old backpacks, and decorate them with your kids so they’ll look different and fun.

If you have older kids, your younger kids can get their hand-me-down clothing.  Or, take some clothes that your kid doesn’t wear or like anymore, and redesign them!  You can tie-dye clothes with your kids for a fun activity that will make those clothes even more fun to wear.  Get some fun fabric dye colors, and take some old jeans, t-shirts or shorts, tie them with some rubber bands and put the fabric dye on them!  It’ll leave fun patterns and colors that’ll make it seem like new clothing your kid will love.


Similarly, you can take those old clothes or hand-me-downs and sew patches on them.  If your kid loves princesses or super heroes or animals, you can go together and pick out their favorite patches.  Then sew them on to some jeans or shirts so that they can wear their favorite characters on their clothes!  This also works great on backpacks, so that they won’t have the same-looking backpack as the previous year.

Lastly, you can bedazzle any clothes with some fun and bright beads!  Add beads, jewelry and glitter to clothes and backpacks to make any outfit dazzling.  Or take stencils or shape outlines and draw with a sharpie or fabric marker your kids’ favorite characters! 

These will be really fun activities to do with your kids, and it will also save you money so you don’t have to buy new clothes every school year.  Your kids will love their new outfits that they made, and it’ll be the start of a great new school year!

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