Having a Baby is Exhausting

Having a baby is exhausting.  Having multiple kids is even more impossibly exhausting.  Consequently, sleep is a thing of the past.  Do you even remember what your last dream was?  Or how long you slept for longer than 4 hours straight? 

You love your kids (sometimes), and your baby is so precious and small and needs your attention and love a lot.  Feedings every few hours, changing, naps, the crying that can only be stopped—if at all—by some intense cuddling and cooing and… praying.  But it’s all worth it when you look at your kids and see how adorable they are, especially when they are sleeping.


But now that your life is surrounded and absorbed by your kids, where is the time you have to spend on yourself?  To get your nails done, hair, a massage, or even just a nap.  You need time to spend with your significant other as well, and work on maintaining your relationship now that you have kids.  Make sure your relationship is still solid, that you can have a quality date night a couple times a month at least.  How does one do this though, when you have kids that always need something?

The answer is simple: Hire a babysitter!  It’s not complicated, and you will find someone who is trustworthy enough to leave your kids with for a few hours every once in a while.  Maybe a friend has a teenager that loves to babysit.  Or check out babysitting and nannying websites and interview someone to see if they’ll be a good fit.  This way, you and your partner can have a date night and focus on why you love each other.  Plus, you’ll get some alone time from the screaming and craziness at home.

So, even if you’re just hiring a babysitter to get out of the house and have a quiet dinner, or take an uninterrupted nap, or have a fun date with your partner, you need to have some time to recuperate and recover from kid-time.  It’s mentally and physically exhausting having kids, so every now and then, hire a babysitter and take some time for yourself!


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