Surviving Car Rides With Your Kids

Taking your kids on a car ride can be a daunting task.  Especially on long trips, having one or multiple kids in the car can make the trip seem even longer.  So, how do you survive these car rides with your kids? Here’s how:

  • You absolutely want to keep your kids entertained.  Bored kids result in annoyed or frustrated parents who just want to relax.  So, you can try singing songs with them from their favorite movie or television show.  Maybe you have the entire soundtrack to a movie that you can all sing along to!
  • You can also play games in the car that will keep them occupied.  This works great even if you have one kid or several.  Play “I Spy” and try to find various items in the car or out on the road.  Or play the “Alphabet game” and try to name an item—from outside the car or inside—that starts with each letter of the alphabet.  These games will keep your kids occupied so they don’t get bored!
  • You can also bring their favorite toys.  Maybe it’s a truck, or stuffed animal or a doll;  bring it with you on the car trips so that they can play with it by themselves or with their siblings.  And if they have a favorite blanket that they like to sleep with, you should bring that as well so they can fall asleep while you’re driving!



  • Just as well, if you have a DVD player, or a tablet/iPad with movies, you can play a movie for your kids to watch.  This gets them quiet and focused on a movie, so that you can relax while driving.
  • Lastly, bring some snacks with you—for you and your kids.  This way you won’t have to stop so much every time someone gets even slightly hungry and starts whining.  

Car rides with your kids don’t have to be exhausting, draining and annoying.  Think ahead, plan some fun games to keep your kids entertained, and the trip will go by faster than you think!

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