How to Survive Picky Eaters

How do you survive the constant power struggle of picky eating?  Your kids need to eat vegetables, but for some reason they just seem to hate them!  And the more you beg and plead for your kids to eat those vegetables and healthy food, the more they fight back.  But they can’t eat pasta with butter every night, so how do you get your kids to be good eaters and not picky?

First, try mixing some things up and adding spice or flavor.  Maybe your kids like a little bit of garlic or salt on their vegetables instead of just butter.  Kids have sensitive taste buds, but that also can work in your favor if you add some yummy flavors that your kids might enjoy!

Also make sure you put the vegetables on the table first while your kids are starving.  This will get them to eat their vegetables and healthy food first while they are still waiting on the main dish.


Make sure your kids know that you aren’t a chef.  When you make dinner, if they don’t like it, there is no other meal.  Similarly, when making something healthy or different, also make sure to have two or three other dishes that you know your kid likes so they have options.

Make sure they have at least one bite and try the healthy food.  It won’t hurt them to have just one bite and try it, and if they don’t like it, they have other options to eat.  Sometimes, this can take a little bribery—like no dessert if they don’t try just one bite.

Kids at that young age can hold out for a while and throw a fit if they don’t get the food they like.  But don’t be alarmed, they will survive if they decide to go on a hunger strike until they eat their vegetables.  Introduce new foods slowly and patiently, and sometimes they won’t like certain foods, and other times they might enjoy it.  It’s a work in progress, but you will get through this peaky eating phase!

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