Fun Activities to do with Your Kids

Fill up your day with your kids with tons of fun activities!  Whether it’s a rainy day, a weekend, or you’re working from home, here are some fun activities you can do with your kids!

  • Make paper snowflakes!  Cut out pieces of paper, see who can have the coolest snowflake design.
  • Grab cookie cutters and make fun shapes out of play dough, melon, or cookies or use them to stencil on paper.
  • Have a sticky note treasure hunt around the house!  Write clues on sticky notes for your kids to run around the house and find.
  • Play the “hot lava” game where you have to jump around the house and avoid the hot lava (usually the floor).
  • Get some chalk and go outside and draw!  Play hopscotch or draw fun pictures on the sidewalk.
  • Go exploring in the back yard or nearby area and see how many cool leaves, flowers and rocks you can find.  You can save these and tape the leaves and flowers to a piece of paper if the really love them!



  • Create a puppet show!  Either use sock puppets and glue eyes to them, or you can take a brown paper lunch bag and draw a face on it.  Then write out a play and act it out!
  • Also, get some bubbles that your kids can play with either by themselves or with you!  Bubbles keep kids entertained so well, and it’s so fun seeing their sheer joy.
  • Play animal games!  Everyone has to be a different animal and you can only act like your animal.  For example, if you’re a bird you have to flap your wings.  If you’re a cheetah you have to be on all fours.
  • Lastly, do arts and crafts!  Get fun colorful paints and use your hands to get messy and make some art!  Have your kids make hand prints or finger paint funny pictures!  These make great pictures to hang up later on.

So, plan some fun activities with your kids for the day that you both will love!  Just be sure to take pictures of these fun memories!


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