How to Travel on Airplanes with Kids

Traveling with kids is a daunting task!  On airplanes, people can get annoyed very quickly with the constant screaming, crying and kicking of the back of the seats.  But don’t despair! There are ways to make your life so much easier! Here are some tips for taking your kids on a plane.

Before you leave the house, print out all of your boarding passes so you don’t have to do it at the airport.

Have your kids carry their own little backpacks.  Have them put some toys and snacks in their bags so you have less to carry.

Pack easy-to-use toys for your kids.  No toys that require assembling or have multiple parts; just something easy to use on airplanes.  Some crayons and coloring books could also be great,  as well as books to read.

Pack snacks that aren’t too messy or sticky.  Make sure everything is sealed tightly in Ziploc bags though!



Also, explain to your kids the process of going through security beforehand.  That way when you get to the security check, it’ll be easier to have them take off their shoes and put everything through the x-ray machine.

While waiting at your gate before the flight, it is the best time to have your kids run around and get out any excess energy.  They will be sitting still on the plane for hours, so have them burn out as much energy as possible before you board.

In your bag, pack extra changes of clothes for yourself and your kids.  You don’t want to spend the entire flight with vomit on you, and neither do your kids.

If you have young kids, bring many extra diapers, wipes and formula.  Have them in your carry-on bag so you don’t have to go searching overhead.

Lastly, take advantage of early boarding for those people that need extra time.  Help your kids get situated and seat belted in before the crowd of people board the flight.

So, flying with kids doesn’t have to be stressful or frustrating.  Take the necessary steps before the flight to make your life easier, and the flight more enjoyable for everyone.


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