How to Travel on Airplanes with Kids

Traveling with kids is a daunting task!  On airplanes, people can get annoyed very quickly with the constant screaming, crying and kicking of the back of the seats.  But don’t despair! There are ways to make your life so much easier! Here are some tips for taking your kids on a plane.

Before you leave the house, print out all of your boarding passes so you don’t have to do it at the airport.

Have your kids carry their own little backpacks.  Have them put some toys and snacks in their bags so you have less to carry.

Pack easy-to-use toys for your kids.  No toys that require assembling or have multiple parts; just something easy to use on airplanes.  Some crayons and coloring books could also be great,  as well as books to read.

Pack snacks that aren’t too messy or sticky.  Make sure everything is sealed tightly in Ziploc bags though!



Also, explain to your kids the process of going through security beforehand.  That way when you get to the security check, it’ll be easier to have them take off their shoes and put everything through the x-ray machine.

While waiting at your gate before the flight, it is the best time to have your kids run around and get out any excess energy.  They will be sitting still on the plane for hours, so have them burn out as much energy as possible before you board.

In your bag, pack extra changes of clothes for yourself and your kids.  You don’t want to spend the entire flight with vomit on you, and neither do your kids.

If you have young kids, bring many extra diapers, wipes and formula.  Have them in your carry-on bag so you don’t have to go searching overhead.

Lastly, take advantage of early boarding for those people that need extra time.  Help your kids get situated and seat belted in before the crowd of people board the flight.

So, flying with kids doesn’t have to be stressful or frustrating.  Take the necessary steps before the flight to make your life easier, and the flight more enjoyable for everyone.


Fun Activities to do with Your Kids

Fill up your day with your kids with tons of fun activities!  Whether it’s a rainy day, a weekend, or you’re working from home, here are some fun activities you can do with your kids!

  • Make paper snowflakes!  Cut out pieces of paper, see who can have the coolest snowflake design.
  • Grab cookie cutters and make fun shapes out of play dough, melon, or cookies or use them to stencil on paper.
  • Have a sticky note treasure hunt around the house!  Write clues on sticky notes for your kids to run around the house and find.
  • Play the “hot lava” game where you have to jump around the house and avoid the hot lava (usually the floor).
  • Get some chalk and go outside and draw!  Play hopscotch or draw fun pictures on the sidewalk.
  • Go exploring in the back yard or nearby area and see how many cool leaves, flowers and rocks you can find.  You can save these and tape the leaves and flowers to a piece of paper if the really love them!



  • Create a puppet show!  Either use sock puppets and glue eyes to them, or you can take a brown paper lunch bag and draw a face on it.  Then write out a play and act it out!
  • Also, get some bubbles that your kids can play with either by themselves or with you!  Bubbles keep kids entertained so well, and it’s so fun seeing their sheer joy.
  • Play animal games!  Everyone has to be a different animal and you can only act like your animal.  For example, if you’re a bird you have to flap your wings.  If you’re a cheetah you have to be on all fours.
  • Lastly, do arts and crafts!  Get fun colorful paints and use your hands to get messy and make some art!  Have your kids make hand prints or finger paint funny pictures!  These make great pictures to hang up later on.

So, plan some fun activities with your kids for the day that you both will love!  Just be sure to take pictures of these fun memories!


How to Survive Picky Eaters

How do you survive the constant power struggle of picky eating?  Your kids need to eat vegetables, but for some reason they just seem to hate them!  And the more you beg and plead for your kids to eat those vegetables and healthy food, the more they fight back.  But they can’t eat pasta with butter every night, so how do you get your kids to be good eaters and not picky?

First, try mixing some things up and adding spice or flavor.  Maybe your kids like a little bit of garlic or salt on their vegetables instead of just butter.  Kids have sensitive taste buds, but that also can work in your favor if you add some yummy flavors that your kids might enjoy!

Also make sure you put the vegetables on the table first while your kids are starving.  This will get them to eat their vegetables and healthy food first while they are still waiting on the main dish.


Make sure your kids know that you aren’t a chef.  When you make dinner, if they don’t like it, there is no other meal.  Similarly, when making something healthy or different, also make sure to have two or three other dishes that you know your kid likes so they have options.

Make sure they have at least one bite and try the healthy food.  It won’t hurt them to have just one bite and try it, and if they don’t like it, they have other options to eat.  Sometimes, this can take a little bribery—like no dessert if they don’t try just one bite.

Kids at that young age can hold out for a while and throw a fit if they don’t get the food they like.  But don’t be alarmed, they will survive if they decide to go on a hunger strike until they eat their vegetables.  Introduce new foods slowly and patiently, and sometimes they won’t like certain foods, and other times they might enjoy it.  It’s a work in progress, but you will get through this peaky eating phase!

Having a Baby is Exhausting

Having a baby is exhausting.  Having multiple kids is even more impossibly exhausting.  Consequently, sleep is a thing of the past.  Do you even remember what your last dream was?  Or how long you slept for longer than 4 hours straight? 

You love your kids (sometimes), and your baby is so precious and small and needs your attention and love a lot.  Feedings every few hours, changing, naps, the crying that can only be stopped—if at all—by some intense cuddling and cooing and… praying.  But it’s all worth it when you look at your kids and see how adorable they are, especially when they are sleeping.


But now that your life is surrounded and absorbed by your kids, where is the time you have to spend on yourself?  To get your nails done, hair, a massage, or even just a nap.  You need time to spend with your significant other as well, and work on maintaining your relationship now that you have kids.  Make sure your relationship is still solid, that you can have a quality date night a couple times a month at least.  How does one do this though, when you have kids that always need something?

The answer is simple: Hire a babysitter!  It’s not complicated, and you will find someone who is trustworthy enough to leave your kids with for a few hours every once in a while.  Maybe a friend has a teenager that loves to babysit.  Or check out babysitting and nannying websites and interview someone to see if they’ll be a good fit.  This way, you and your partner can have a date night and focus on why you love each other.  Plus, you’ll get some alone time from the screaming and craziness at home.

So, even if you’re just hiring a babysitter to get out of the house and have a quiet dinner, or take an uninterrupted nap, or have a fun date with your partner, you need to have some time to recuperate and recover from kid-time.  It’s mentally and physically exhausting having kids, so every now and then, hire a babysitter and take some time for yourself!


Surviving Car Rides With Your Kids

Taking your kids on a car ride can be a daunting task.  Especially on long trips, having one or multiple kids in the car can make the trip seem even longer.  So, how do you survive these car rides with your kids? Here’s how:

  • You absolutely want to keep your kids entertained.  Bored kids result in annoyed or frustrated parents who just want to relax.  So, you can try singing songs with them from their favorite movie or television show.  Maybe you have the entire soundtrack to a movie that you can all sing along to!
  • You can also play games in the car that will keep them occupied.  This works great even if you have one kid or several.  Play “I Spy” and try to find various items in the car or out on the road.  Or play the “Alphabet game” and try to name an item—from outside the car or inside—that starts with each letter of the alphabet.  These games will keep your kids occupied so they don’t get bored!
  • You can also bring their favorite toys.  Maybe it’s a truck, or stuffed animal or a doll;  bring it with you on the car trips so that they can play with it by themselves or with their siblings.  And if they have a favorite blanket that they like to sleep with, you should bring that as well so they can fall asleep while you’re driving!



  • Just as well, if you have a DVD player, or a tablet/iPad with movies, you can play a movie for your kids to watch.  This gets them quiet and focused on a movie, so that you can relax while driving.
  • Lastly, bring some snacks with you—for you and your kids.  This way you won’t have to stop so much every time someone gets even slightly hungry and starts whining.  

Car rides with your kids don’t have to be exhausting, draining and annoying.  Think ahead, plan some fun games to keep your kids entertained, and the trip will go by faster than you think!

Make Healthy Lunches for Your Kids

It’s almost time to get your kids back to school again, which means early mornings, arguing about putting on clothes to leave the house, and eating breakfast.  It can be bittersweet waving goodbye to your kids as they head to school again and get one year older.  And while you can’t be there with them during class, you can still make their day great at school.

Pack them lunches that are filled with fun, healthy foods.  You can make cute shapes out of healthy foods so your kids will enjoy it even more!  Try cutting sandwiches into Mickey Mouse ear shapes, or cut it into a heart shape, star or even a cloud!  Take cookie cutter shapes—or even cut-out molds that you could use for play dough—and make fun shapes out of melon or watermelon.  Make little stars or hearts out of the fruit for a really fun lunch!


Furthermore, you can always do the ants-on-a-log snack.  Take celery sticks and slather peanut butter on top, and then cover them with raisins!  It’s a healthy vegetable snack with protein to give your kids that extra energy!  Or make star-shaped cheese slices for some delicious cheese and crackers.

Similarly, you can make a rainbow Ziploc bag of fruit!  Cut up into small pieces and put into a Ziploc bag some strawberries, oranges, pineapple, honeydew and then purple grapes.  This makes a fun rainbow color of food to eat!

Lastly, don’t forget to leave a little note in their lunches.  You can cut out fun shapes in paper, or write on a napkin a sweet little note reminding them to have a great day and that you love them.  This will put a smile on your child’s face, and it lets them know that you’re always thinking about them, even when they’re away from you at class.

Making New Clothes for Kids

Kids all want new clothes for the new school year, but that can get expensive.  Luckily, you can reuse old clothes that they don’t like, or repurpose old backpacks, and decorate them with your kids so they’ll look different and fun.

If you have older kids, your younger kids can get their hand-me-down clothing.  Or, take some clothes that your kid doesn’t wear or like anymore, and redesign them!  You can tie-dye clothes with your kids for a fun activity that will make those clothes even more fun to wear.  Get some fun fabric dye colors, and take some old jeans, t-shirts or shorts, tie them with some rubber bands and put the fabric dye on them!  It’ll leave fun patterns and colors that’ll make it seem like new clothing your kid will love.


Similarly, you can take those old clothes or hand-me-downs and sew patches on them.  If your kid loves princesses or super heroes or animals, you can go together and pick out their favorite patches.  Then sew them on to some jeans or shirts so that they can wear their favorite characters on their clothes!  This also works great on backpacks, so that they won’t have the same-looking backpack as the previous year.

Lastly, you can bedazzle any clothes with some fun and bright beads!  Add beads, jewelry and glitter to clothes and backpacks to make any outfit dazzling.  Or take stencils or shape outlines and draw with a sharpie or fabric marker your kids’ favorite characters! 

These will be really fun activities to do with your kids, and it will also save you money so you don’t have to buy new clothes every school year.  Your kids will love their new outfits that they made, and it’ll be the start of a great new school year!

Back to School

Summer flew by in the blink of an eye, and now it’s time to get ready to go back to school.  You have to start stocking up on school supplies, such as backpacks, lunch boxes, stationary, and new clothes for the new year for your kids.

So, here are some awesome back to school supplies that your kids are sure to love!

Your kids will likely need a new backpack this year, because last years’ is probably not cool to have anymore.  So, get them the Spider-Man or Star Wars Backpack and you can even personalize it with their name engraved!  For lunch, you can get them a matching Spider-Man or Star Wars BB-8 lunch box!  And if your kids love princesses, they can choose from a variety of backpacks with Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Minnie Mouse, Frozen, Ariel and more, and with a matching lunch box!

Get your kids cool stationary with their favorite Disney characters or movies on the notebooks, pens, pencil, scissors, pencil cases and more!

Your kids will love some awesome new outfits with matching shoes too! Check out these fun graphic shirts with characters from Guardians of the Galaxy, Mickey Mouse, the Lion King and more!  Or choose these adorable jackets and dresses with princesses on them, or these Star Wars and Cars Varsity jackets with  matching shirts!

So, once again summer comes to a close and you all get ready to go back to school.  But now, do it in style with your kids’ favorite movies and characters on all of their school supplies, and they’ll have a fantastic year at school!

Essentials to Keep in the Car

Having kids means there will always be messes wherever you go… it’s unavoidable! And some days, when you’re in a rush, it is easy to forget some of the essentials that you might need later in the day. So, just in case there is a melt down later in the day and you might have forgotten to pack something with you, here are some essentials that you should keep in the car for those moments:

  • You’re definitely going to want extra diapers. You never know when your kid—or kids—will need a quick change, and babies go through diapers very quickly.
  • Similarly, keep a whole box of extra wipes. It’ll make any clean up—be it diaper, food, drink, or just dirty hands—that much easier than having to try to find a bathroom. And bring some hand sanitizer as well, you never know when you’ll be thankful you have it because you won’t always have the option to wash your hands.
  • After the extra diaper changing and wipes, you’ll want to have a zip lock bag to put the diaper and wipes in, just in case you aren’t near a trash can. And just a little tip: put a scented dryer sheet in the zip lock bag to mask the smell of that dirty diaper until you can get to a trash can.

  • Additionally, bring an extra pacifier for your baby. They might lose it, drop it, throw it, or whatever else could possibly happen to a pacifier. You will be relieved to have an extra pacifier with you, so your baby isn’t crying or upset the entire trip because they lost the first one.
  • You’ll also want extra clothes for your kids in case they get spit up on, or just make a general mess of their clothes. You can also bring an extra jacket or pants for the evening in case they get cold. And don’t forget about yourself—you might also want an extra shirt or shorts in case you get spit up or pooped on by your kids, who, let’s face it, can’t help it sometimes.
  • Lastly, some extra snacks and drinks for you and your kids are also essential, so you don’t have to stop at a restaurant every time they, or you, are a little bit hungry or thirsty.

Keep these essential items packed in a bag with you at all times. Just keep it stored in the trunk of your car so if you forget your actual bag for that day, you will always have these items with you for a happy family.


Things You’ll Learn as a New Mom

Being a new mom requires so much patience and energy while on little to no sleep. You’ll find yourself doing crazy things because you’re so sleep deprived, and then laughing about it later to your friends and family. But seeing your little one sleeping soundly at night and finding that unconditional love for your child makes all the craziness worth it. Here are some things you’ll learn on the new-mom road:

You will learn to survive with little to no sleep. You’ll miss the days when you could sleep 8 hours a night uninterrupted; those days are long gone. While your baby does sleep, you’ll be getting up frequently all night long, but you’ll manage to make it through another day to another sleepless night.

Similarly, you’ll learn to sleep or rest on-the-go whenever your baby falls asleep. When they are napping, even resting and closing your eyes for half an hour or more makes a big difference. Take advantage of those little naps your baby takes throughout the day and get yourself some rest too.

You’ll learn to love cold coffee. Sometimes, there isn’t enough time to drink your coffee when it’s still warm—your baby needs to be fed, changed or held, or there is some mess that needs to be taken care of or your other children need your attention. Fear not, cold coffee still has the same caffeine as your hot coffee, and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Just as well, you’ll learn to accept messes and a hectic, unorganized house. You will clean up one mess and then 5 seconds later there will be another mess that needs to be cleaned up. Just breathe, and accept that your house will probably not be as clean as it used to be pre-children.

Lastly, you’ll be able to shower, do your hair and get ready in record time. No more leisurely long showers or time in the bathroom, but you’ll have your morning routine down to a quickly-timed science so you can get back to your baby who probably needs to be fed or changed again.

So, being a new mom is filled with ups and down, sleepless nights and forgetting where you placed something because your brain is just so tired. But seeing your baby happy and smiling is definitely worth it.