Family Game Night!

Spend quality time with your kids playing board games! Instead of watching television or movies, play some fun, interactive board games with your kids that they will certainly love! Here are some great games for a fun family night:

  • Play the Disney Pictionary Game with your kids and draw or play charades based on the world of Disney! Perfect for multiple players and with your kid’s favorite Disney characters, it’s fun for the whole family and easy to use!
  • Disney Junior Surprise Slides Game is perfect for your kids starting at preschool age! Take turns sliding down to colorful tiles with your kid’s favorite Disney Junior characters! This game also teaches color recognition for your young children, and promotes playing together!

  • If your kids love Disney princesses, play Candy Land Disney Princess Edition Board Game and take turns playing as your favorite princess like Cinderella or Ariel! With bright, colorful cards and game board, this fun game is perfect for family game night.
  • And if you love Finding Nemo, try playing the Finding Dory Pop-Up Game! Press the die in the center and move your pieces around the board game until you get all of your pieces in the center! This game is great for multiple players and easy to use for young kids!
  • And lastly, play the Cars 3 Monopoly Junior Board Game with your kids! It’s similar to the classic Monopoly but easier for kids, and you can play with your favorite Cars characters! With bright colors for the board, pieces and cards, this game is perfect for your family game night!

So, make family night fun and try playing these interactive board games with your kids! They’ll love being able to play with their favorite characters and try new and exciting games!

Healthy Recipes for Baby Food

When your baby starts to eat real food, it can be an exciting but messy time! There are so many yummy foods to feed your baby now that they are starting to eat food. So, here are some healthy ideas that your baby will enjoy!

  • You can try mashing up an avocado or slicing it into small pieces! This is soft enough for your baby to eat and easy for them to pick up with their hands! It’s healthy, but it definitely will make a mess!
  • You can give your baby mashed potatoes, pureed vegetables like peas and sweet potatoes, or mashed up beans. These are also delicious and healthy options that are soft for your baby to eat and easy enough to make.

  • Also, a fun breakfast recipe you can do is scrambled eggs, and mix in some cottage cheese! This adds a little something extra to the eggs and a fun texture.
  • And for a little sweetness, you can slice up some watermelon, or drizzle some chocolate over pieces of banana. These small slices are easy enough for your baby to grab and soft for them to eat as a sweet treat!

Starting your baby on real food is a lot of fun, especially watching them make a mess with all the food. Be sure to have some wipes handy for the mess, and a camera to remember these fun moments.

Gifts for a Baby Shower

Having a baby is an exciting time, and throwing a baby shower to celebrate is just one of the perks! Whether you already know the gender of the baby, or have already picked out names, baby showers are a lot of fun and really helpful for the new parents with the gifts they receive. So, whether it’s for someone else’s baby shower, or for the gift registry for your own baby shower, here are some good ideas for gifts.



With the multitude of diapers that people like to give, you’ll need somewhere to put all those diapers when you take your baby out. A diaper bag that is big enough to hold all the essentials but also comfortable enough to carry will be an extremely useful gift for the new parents.



If you know the baby’s name or gender, a personalized gift is always beautiful. Inscribe the baby’s name on pillows, picture frames or wall art that can be put in the nursery. And if you like to knit, you can make socks or hand-knit sweaters or onesies that button up so they’re easier to put on.



Furthermore, a great gift to give to parents is housecleaning service! With all the chaos of having a new baby, cleaning up can be even more exhausting, so this makes a wonderful gift to the parents.

So other than the usual gifts of blankets, diapers, toys, and books to read to the baby, these are some cute and useful gifts to give or ask for at a baby shower!

Making Prints of Your Baby’s Hands and Feet

Babies have adorably tiny hands and feet, and you can make those a memory forever by making prints of their hands or feet.  The best way to do this is while your baby is sleeping so that they won’t move.  Be sure to roll the paint roller or brush over their entire hand or foot from the bottom to the top, making sure you get all the little fingers and tiny toes.  You’ll want a wipe for quick clean up afterwards as well.

You can put their handprints and footprints on beautiful paper that can then be framed, or on canvas that can easily be hung up.  You can write a quote or paint around the prints as well!  And you can also paint your baby’s hands or feet with colorful paint, or you can put Elmer’s glue on their feet and then when you make the print you can add glitter to the paper so you’ll have glitter prints!

Or you can make a mold of their hand or footprints with this natural trick: mix ½ cup salt, ½ cup flour, and ¼ cup of water and knead the dough into a thick, flat, circular shape.  Then you can dip the baby’s feet or hands into the dough to leave a print.  Then bake the dough at 200° for three hours, and it’ll be hard like stone with the prints of your baby’s hands or feet!  These also work great as stepping stones or an ornament and can be painted too.
Lastly, you can make these prints of your baby’s hands and feet every few months to show how quickly they grow!  However you decide to make prints of your baby’s cute little hands and feet, they will make adorable keepsakes, memories and gifts for life.

Tips to Soothe a Teething Baby

Teething is a natural process in babies, but it can be uncomfortable and very painful.  It can keep babies—and parents—awake at night and can result in a lot of crying during the day from the pain.  Here are some helpful tips for soothing the pain of new teeth coming in when your baby is teething.
  • You can try a teething ring that has different textures on it to help alleviate sore gums.  Or try a vibrating teething ring and put it in the fridge to cool it so it numbs the gums a little.
  • Similarly, you can take their normal pacifier and place it in the fridge to cool so that it helps numb the baby’s gums.
  • You can freeze a slice of mango, watermelon or banana and then give it to your baby to gnaw on something cool to numb their gums while tasting good.

  • Try wetting a washcloth and putting it in the freezer.  You can also dip it in apple juice or something sweet to taste good.  This is really helpful for babies because the washcloth molds to their gums and the texture also feels good.
  • To make sure your baby is feeding as well, you can puree frozen fruit into a cold slush/smoothie so they’ll eat that while also helping ease the gum pain.  Or you can try cold apple sauce or other cold pureed foods.
  • You can also give your baby a chilled spoon to gnaw on.  This works well if you go out too, and you can put a spoon in a cup of ice water to chill it and then let your baby have it.

Seeing your baby in pain is hard to watch, but luckily these tips can help you relieve some of that pain while your baby is teething so that they are the happy baby that you know.

Get Ready for Bath Time!

Bath time with your baby is always fun and memorable, so it’s time to spruce it up with some adorable toys to make it even more fun!

Choose from these adorable Little mermaid or Finding Nemo bath tubs that are perfect for bath time!  These comfortable bath tubs come with a sling, a squirt toy and a pour cup!

Get these cute Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo and Winnie the Pooh squirt toys for the bath tub for even more fun for you and your baby!


And don’t forget the Cars or Disney Princess inflatable spout cover for added protection!  They inflate in seconds easily and protect your baby’s hands and head.

And pick up these adorable bath scrubs for Finding Nemo, Mickey or Minnie Mouse!  Easy to hold and machine washable as well, you can fill these soft little characters with liquid soap and they’ll make the perfect wash cloth!

And when bath time is over, wrap your little one up in a hooded character towel with matching booties!  Choose from Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princess, Finding Nemo, Minnie Mouse and more!  Or choose just a hooded towel or a Swaddler Bath towel to wrap your baby up all warm and cozy and ready for some bonding cuddle time!

Tips for Helping Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

Having a baby is a wonderful and happy experience, and you will be surprised how well you can function on so little sleep sometimes.  But if you’d like to get some more sleep for you and your baby, here are some quick tips to help your baby sleep through the night longer.

Often during the night your baby will startle themselves awake with jerking movements, so by swaddling your baby and wrapping them in a swaddling blanket, they’ll sleep better and won’t wake up from movements.

Dream feeding your baby right before you go to sleep helps the baby so they don’t wake up right after you fall asleep.  If your baby often wakes up late at night hungry, try waking them up to feed them right before you go to sleep and it’ll fill up their belly just enough to have some more uninterrupted sleep for both of you.

Limit naps during the day, don’t let them sleep longer than 2 hour naps. This way they will still be tired in the evening for bedtime.
You can also use white noise to help them sleep at night, maybe a fan in the bedroom faced away or a white noise machine so that they have some background noise to help lull them to sleep.

Use a pre-nap and bedtime routine like turning on the white noise, singing a song, and cuddles.  The bedtime routine may include a bath, reading a story, feeding, swaddling the baby, and then cuddles.  This helps your baby stay to the same routine and cues the baby for sleep and learn that sleep follows this routine.

Motherhood is an exciting and daring adventure, and while a full night’s sleep will become just a dream, you can still get some more sleep with these tips for both you and your baby.

Teaching Your Kids to Read

Reading to your kids and teaching them to read is a special time, so let’s get them started at a young age!  Here are some excellent educational books for your kid to start learning how to read.

  • Check out I Spy Little Letters and watch your kids find the hidden letters and learn the alphabet while having fun.
  • Or get 123 Count With Me and teach your kids to count with bright and fun illustrations and grooved numbers so that your kids can feel each number.
  • And check out The Toddler’s Handbook and teach your kids basic concepts including numbers, colors, shapes, sizes, animals, sounds, emotions and more!  Vibrant colors and pictures make this a fun read for your kids.
  • Finally, another highly recommended book is the classic Goodnight Moon as a perfect ending to a great day to read with your little one as they drift off to sleep.

Make wonderful memories and have a great time teaching your kids to read with these educational and fun books!

Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery

You’re getting ready for the arrival of your little one, and now it’s time to decorate the nursery room for them!

Get the Minnie Mouse Happy Day bedding and you can get an adorable 3-piece crib set, and a crib cushioned bumper and liner!  Or get these cute Winnie the Pooh plush or flannel blankets and crib liners.  Additionally, you can get the Lion King bedding set, or choose the The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Finding Nemo, Mickey Mouse and more!

You can also get a Finding Nemo, Mickey and Minnie Mouse Musical Mobiles for above the crib, or cute wall art, rugs, lamps, window curtains and more!

Check out the amazing Disney Princess Gliding Bassinet  with music, adjustable vibration speeds and storage underneath!  Let your little one play and have fun with the Winnie the Pooh Happy as Can Bee Activity gym with toys, a squeaker, a mirror, and more!  And don’t forget an adorable Mickey or Minnie Mouse plush play mat for your baby to lay on.

So decorate your baby’s nursery with these amazing decorations and watch your little one laugh and have fun surrounded by these adorable friends.

Which Disneyland Park Do You Take Your Kids To?

So your kids want to go to Disneyland for the day, but which park do you choose—Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure?  Both are great parks, and you can always split the day at both parks, but if you want to choose just one, here are some ideas for which park to choose.

Disneyland is great for the younger kids and toddlers.  There are a lot of rides that have no height requirements so the young kids can go on the rides, for example: Peter Pan’s Flight or Dumbo the Flying Elephant rides in Fantasyland, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage in Tomorrowland, Goofy’s Playhouse or the Chip n’ Dale Treehouse in Mickey’s Toon Town, It’s a Small World, or Mad Tea Party in Fantasyland. You can also let your kids run around and play in Toon Town, and they can see some of their favorite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and many more.

If your kids are a little bit older though, they might enjoy Disney California Adventure a little bit more. There are some thrilling, adventurous rides like the Grizzly River Run in Grizzly Peak with sharp rocks and loud waterfall drops, the California Screamin’ roller coaster on Paradise Pier with loud drops, and the Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land where you can race each other.  Or check out the Animation Academy in Hollywood Land and learn to draw!  And don’t miss the Avengers, on May 27th, 2017, as they search for new recruits, or help Rocket in “Guardians of the Galaxy–Mission: BREAKOUT!” in Hollywood Land as he rescues the Guardians!  

You’ll have a blast at whichever park you take your kids to, and the next time you go to Disneyland, you can switch it up and go to the other park instead!