Making New Clothes for Kids

Kids all want new clothes for the new school year, but that can get expensive.  Luckily, you can reuse old clothes that they don’t like, or repurpose old backpacks, and decorate them with your kids so they’ll look different and fun.

If you have older kids, your younger kids can get their hand-me-down clothing.  Or, take some clothes that your kid doesn’t wear or like anymore, and redesign them!  You can tie-dye clothes with your kids for a fun activity that will make those clothes even more fun to wear.  Get some fun fabric dye colors, and take some old jeans, t-shirts or shorts, tie them with some rubber bands and put the fabric dye on them!  It’ll leave fun patterns and colors that’ll make it seem like new clothing your kid will love.


Similarly, you can take those old clothes or hand-me-downs and sew patches on them.  If your kid loves princesses or super heroes or animals, you can go together and pick out their favorite patches.  Then sew them on to some jeans or shirts so that they can wear their favorite characters on their clothes!  This also works great on backpacks, so that they won’t have the same-looking backpack as the previous year.

Lastly, you can bedazzle any clothes with some fun and bright beads!  Add beads, jewelry and glitter to clothes and backpacks to make any outfit dazzling.  Or take stencils or shape outlines and draw with a sharpie or fabric marker your kids’ favorite characters! 

These will be really fun activities to do with your kids, and it will also save you money so you don’t have to buy new clothes every school year.  Your kids will love their new outfits that they made, and it’ll be the start of a great new school year!

Gifts for a Baby Shower

Having a baby is an exciting time, and throwing a baby shower to celebrate is just one of the perks! Whether you already know the gender of the baby, or have already picked out names, baby showers are a lot of fun and really helpful for the new parents with the gifts they receive. So, whether it’s for someone else’s baby shower, or for the gift registry for your own baby shower, here are some good ideas for gifts.



With the multitude of diapers that people like to give, you’ll need somewhere to put all those diapers when you take your baby out. A diaper bag that is big enough to hold all the essentials but also comfortable enough to carry will be an extremely useful gift for the new parents.



If you know the baby’s name or gender, a personalized gift is always beautiful. Inscribe the baby’s name on pillows, picture frames or wall art that can be put in the nursery. And if you like to knit, you can make socks or hand-knit sweaters or onesies that button up so they’re easier to put on.



Furthermore, a great gift to give to parents is housecleaning service! With all the chaos of having a new baby, cleaning up can be even more exhausting, so this makes a wonderful gift to the parents.

So other than the usual gifts of blankets, diapers, toys, and books to read to the baby, these are some cute and useful gifts to give or ask for at a baby shower!

Get Ready for Bath Time!

Bath time with your baby is always fun and memorable, so it’s time to spruce it up with some adorable toys to make it even more fun!

Choose from these adorable Little mermaid or Finding Nemo bath tubs that are perfect for bath time!  These comfortable bath tubs come with a sling, a squirt toy and a pour cup!

Get these cute Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo and Winnie the Pooh squirt toys for the bath tub for even more fun for you and your baby!


And don’t forget the Cars or Disney Princess inflatable spout cover for added protection!  They inflate in seconds easily and protect your baby’s hands and head.

And pick up these adorable bath scrubs for Finding Nemo, Mickey or Minnie Mouse!  Easy to hold and machine washable as well, you can fill these soft little characters with liquid soap and they’ll make the perfect wash cloth!

And when bath time is over, wrap your little one up in a hooded character towel with matching booties!  Choose from Winnie the Pooh, Disney Princess, Finding Nemo, Minnie Mouse and more!  Or choose just a hooded towel or a Swaddler Bath towel to wrap your baby up all warm and cozy and ready for some bonding cuddle time!

Live, Eat, Breathe and Sleep Disney

Let’s face it, our kids love Disneyland and want to live, eat, breathe and sleep Disney. And if trips to Disneyland and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and the other hundred Disney shows that play on repeat at home weren’t enough, your kids want more! It’s not enough to just watch Mickey Mouse on the television, but now your children can wear Mickey Mouse! Get your kids some amazing Disney clothing so they can have their favorite characters on their shirts or as accessories!

Copyright: yelenayemchuk / 123RF Stock Photo

Whether it’s the multiple outfits your kids go through each day or their pajamas for bed, your kids can wear Disney all the time! Perfect for newborns, toddlers and young children, you can find Disney clothing and accessories at Cotton On with onesies and outfits with Disney characters or patterns. Or check out Gap where they have sleepwear, socks, shoes, onesies, and outfits that just ooze Disney! Get Target’s Disney clothing line for your newborn and young kids with adorable onesies and outfits for the day and night.

So whichever character your kid wants to be that morning, and then change into another character in the evening, with these Disney clothes your kid can be all of their favorite characters.